Why Choose us?


At Southbay Euro Car, We Fix Your Car Right the First Time, In Less Time, with Less Cost!

At Southbay Euro Car our technicians are true professionals which take pride in taking care of your vehicle. We are not a shop where we are learning on your vehicle, but a shop in which our technicians know exactly what needs to be done and how to execute the job which saves you time and money!

We get to the heart of the problem utilizing the most up to date diagnostic equipment programs with the latest software and service bulletins. This enables us to rapidly and accurately diagnose unusual problems and provide our services at a fraction of dealer prices.

We are equipped with the most Comprehensive Diagnostic Tools & Equipment.
We only use High Quality Oil, Genuine, OEM and OES Parts!
We are a Knowledgeable, Experienced, Friendly, and Sincere Staff.

Affordability Meets Efficiency with No Up-Selling.

Our technicians work on an hourly salary, not on commission. They clock in and they get paid until they clock out. They do not need to sell unnecessary work like other repair facilities. Our customers only pay for what they have authorized even though in some cases, it may take more time to complete the job.
We keep up to date with all of the factory bulletins and recalls. High quality oil and genuine OES and OEM parts are used in all maintenance, services and repairs exclusively. We do not use parts from “DO IT YOURSELF PART STORES OR MADE IN CHINA PARTS”. By installing original, oem, oes and high quality parts we are confident that they will last more than the warranty and up to their expected time.

Although our technicians are very reliable, every recommendation is cross checked in order to eliminate any errors in warranty work, recalls, updates, and internal campaigns by the manufacturer.
At Southbay Euro Car just an oil change itself is not a service! Our simple service is the most comprehensive you’ll find with every vehicle every time. If you want the best of the best for your vehicles- then try us!


AUTOLOGIC is the most comprehensive diagnostic tool to be offered to independent specialty repair shops. Autologic® provides a diagnostic capability so comprehensive that absolute independence is now a reality. All control units can be Replaced and Programmed BY Autologic®. We are proud to say that in most cases we can do anything the dealer can.

We have a complete inventory of specialty tools to complete your vehicle’s repairs the correct way the first time- every time.

Education Certified Training:

Math, Science and Bachelors in Electronics
So Cal ROC Automotive Training
El Camino College Automotive Training
LMV   Training Industries
WTI Technical Training

Shop Features

Dealer Level Diagnostic Equipment
Open Saturdays!
Clean & Comfortable Waiting Room w/ free Wi-Fi
State-of-the-art Equipment
High quality oil, and genuine OEM and OES Parts!
Knowledgeable, Experienced, Friendly, and Sincere Staff
Pick-up/Drop-Off within 5 miles
Rental Car Availability

Disclaimer: Southbay Euro Car & Mahida are not affiliated with or in any way related to BMW, Mercedes Volvo, MINI of North America or any new car manufacturer. We are an independent repair facility.