Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper Service & Repair by Southbay Euro Car

Just because you are MINI Cooper enthusiasts and like to drive a FUN car, doesn’t mean you need to pay a pricy repair cost at the dealership. Southbay Euro Car offers Mini Cooper owners in the SOUTHBAY and Los Angeles area high quality service and repairs at fair price at a fraction of the Dealer and at many other independent repair shops. Southbay Euro Car specializes in cars manufactured by MINI COOPER which has been servicing and repairing in the South Bay area for almost a decade. At Southbay Euro Car, our technicians are true professionals and take pride in taking care of your vehicle. We are not learning on your MINI COOPER which is a reason why we specialize in this vehicle. Our technicians identify what exactly needs to be accomplished which saves you Time and Money.

You don’t want just any mechanic working on your MINI COOPER. We are equipped with the diagnostic system to adequately diagnose your vehicle when problems arise, or re-set the sophisticated computerized condition based service system. Our service and repair work maintains your factory warranty.

Why Choose Us?

We are equipped with the most Comprehensive Diagnostic Tools & Equipment. We only use high quality oil, Genuine OEM and OES parts! This is why we offer you a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty, whichever occurs first in all repairs. We are a Knowledgeable, Experienced, Friendly, and Sincere Staff.
We get to the heart of the problem utilizing the most up to date diagnostic equipment, programs, and with the latest software and service bulletins. This enables us to rapidly and accurately diagnose unusual problems and provide our services at a fraction of the dealer prices.

Disclaimer: Southbay Euro Car & Mahida are not affiliated with or in any way related to BMW, Mercedes Volvo, MINI of North America or any new car manufacturer. We are an independent repair facility.